Automatic JSP reloading

To view changes to your theme and skins JSPs without restarting the portal server, you can force the application server to automatically check for new versions of JSPs. While this is ideal for development and testing purposes, automatic JSP reloading should be disabled in a production environment because of performance issues.

Follow these steps to enable automatic JSP reloading:

  1. Open the file

  1. Find the following entry in this file:
    reloadingEnabled="false" do it

  2. Change the value for reloadingEnabled to true.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the portal server.

After completing these steps, JSPs are automatically reloaded when they are changed. However, to view changes to a JSP that is included by another (parent) JSP, you must also change the parent JSP to indicate that it must be reloaded by the server.