Add subtitles to AVI/DIVX files Fastest Method

Use  AviAddXSubs Software
First select your video file. Make sure your video and subtitles file are on the same folder and have the same name. Also select the output directory.
In Configuration 1 tab make sure that XSUB is selected. If you are in Europe under Subtitle Bitmap select 720 x 576 (PAL) and if you are in USA select 720 x 480 (NTSC). You can set the Font type, size, bold and outline size. You can make a few tests and end up with something you prefer. You can use the Preview button to check how your subtitles will look like. If you want to add more than one subtitles files with different settings for each sub make sure that in the SRT extension edit you have the correct extension. To make it more clear let's say you have a movie.avi and 2 subtitles and In SUB 1 you would add -en and in SUB 2 -gr.
In Configuration 2 tab you have some more options such as to delete the original video file, or time shift the subtitles if they aren't correctly synched with the movie. In general you don't need to change anything in this tab.
Now go back to the Create XSUB or Idx/Sub tab and press Start button. The whole process is pretty fast since no reencoding is needed.