Send free SMS Online

You want to wish your Near and Dear a ‘Very Happy New Year’ but refrain from doing so coz of hefty SMS charges. You can send free SMS to mobiles from number of websites online, but most of those add a tiny Advertisement at the bottom of your SMS, which, you know, doesn’t look good always.
Kya apne saathi ko wish karne ke liye Rs.1 bhi karch nahi kar sakte?
Fortunately, there are websites, and a number of them too, that allow you to send free SMS without any Ads (with full 160 character SMS limit). And no you don’t have to pay initially too. Registrations are quick and simple and you can proceed with your ‘Mission SMS’ with in minutes.
Obviously, there has to be a reason why these sites provide free SMS. While some give some ‘extra Ad treatment’ to their sites, some use your phone number/ email to send occasional promotional messages to you.
So if you can swim through that extra treatment and don’t mind those occasional messages hitting your email and Phone’s inbox, here are the best list of sites that offer ‘Free SMS without Ads’:
Now, go on your mission of sending your wishes as if you’re sending them from your mobile. If the recipient has your mobile number in their contacts, they will receive the SMS in your Name, else, just with your mobile number.