Remove Wgatray.exe - windows did not pass genuine windows validation

Hi, yesterday i got an alert message apears which says" you may be a victim of software counterfeiting this copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation "
i've follow some instruction that have been advised. but, my problem is, i cannot end process for the wgatray.exe even if i try to end it it still pops up

So below is the procedure to end the process "

In order to remove the windows notification and wgatray.exe follow steps

Step 1 : go to local drive and search windows then go to system32 folder , look for wgatray.exe and legitcheckcontrol.dll.

step 2 : in case wgatray.exe is saying access denied.

a) end the process from Task Manager , search for wgatray.exe ans change its name to wgatray.exe.old and then delete it. Also delete legitcheckcontrol.dll. U r DONE
or follow step b)

b)restart the computer and start in safe mode by pressing f8 during the reboot and logon as administrator to the computer.

in the safe mode delete the same exe that is wgatray.exe and empty the recycle bin.

go to run , write regedit in order to enter registry

go to hkey_local_machine then software then microsoft then windowsNT then winlogon then rightclick on Notify and select delete and answer yes.

restart PC in in normal mode . go to control panel and disable automatic updates inorder to avoid this problem in future.

That is It , you r done!!!


banerjee said...

thank you.....I followed ur instruction and my problem is solved