Thanks SweetHeart !!

Today i completed reading Chetan Bhagat's - 2 states.
A wonderful book with a heart touching Love story, not bcoz of its Plot but bcoz its so close to each one of us least few of us ofcourse :)

Well, i never read novels or any kind of story or comic books... They never fantasize me :)
This Valentine i received a gift from my was 2 states. In the begining i thought it will lie in my shelf for decades untill she marry's me and reads it :) but i actally took it with me while travelling to my office and once i started it, there was no avoiding it untill i finished it :)
Thanks baby for that wonderful gift ..

Well i would recommend each one of u to at least read it once...its funny its emotional.

2 states also is close to my heart as me and my GF share 2 different states of INDIA.. well i dont think life will be that complicated for us but who knowz ;)

as the book says...

Boy loves Girl.

Girl loves Boy.

Girl's family has to love boy.

Boy's family has to love girl.

Girl's Family has to love Boy's Family.

Boy's family has to love girl's family.

Girl and Boy still love each other.

They get married.


neha said...

hii chetan
first of all let me thank to u for writing a very beautiful and a very sensuous novel " TO STATS ".
and after reading it TO STATS is my best novel i ever had .
i also wanted to thank to my boyfriend for giving me such a precious novel.
chetan the novel inspires me so much.
i and my boyfriend also from two different stats and we fall in love with each other i m so happy for getting him in my life and he is so precious for me.
some parts of novel is so intresting i must say that u and anusha r the best couple in this world .
u both r from two different stats and the way u both fall in love with each other, the way u describe ur self , the way u describe anusha , ur family ,her family ,ur both love, everything is so beautiful. chetan i must say u r a very young writer and u writing from in site of new generation youngsters and i m deadly inspired with u . i m actually fall in love with the novel TO STATS
thank u so much for writing this novel.
at last .....
with regards
one of ur reader.

ritu said...

hi chetan and anusha.... with all my respect and love... how i describe what i feel at this moment... i just wanted to thank to you chetan u r down to earth. seriously i m telling u... u r made me full of love to my boyfriend. we r also from diff stats.but now i m just completed this novel yesterday.. you wanted to b a writer,and u did it.. let me thank to u for writing a very beutiful and a very sensuous novel.the way u describe it is just awsm. when i was reading then m feeling like this is happening infront of me.. this is my first best novel ever.. thankyou so much chetan..may god bless you and anusha...with great regards,keerti..

Auroshikha said...

hi chetan
m auroshikha.
u wont beleive i started readind ur novel when i was in 9th n now when m in 12th i keep readind ur novel..
they are extremly superb! u have created a niche in my heart..
m waiting 4 ur next novel!
ur most craziest fan....

Auroshikha said...

hie chetan,
m auroshikha
i had read ur 1st novel when i was in 9th n now i am in 12th n i had read all ur novels....they are extremly superb!! u have created a niche in my heart<3....
eagerly waiting 4 ur next novel 2 release......
ur most craziest fan!