Create Passport Stamp using Photoshop7

Create a simple "passport-chop" or "rubber stamp" effect.

In this tutorial we'll create a simple "passport-chop" or "rubber stamp" effect. I know, passports are not chopped anymore, but anyway.. Good for "approved" or "guarantee" buttons, or logo design.

Photoshop isn't the best for making curved text, however we can still get a decent effect. Let's begin..

Create a new 300 x 300 pixel document, with white background and black foreground.

First we'll create the outer ring of type - Add a short line of type, for this example I used the boring but ever-present "Arial"

Double click the text layer, and select "Warp Text" from the font options. Set the style to Arc / Horizontal / Bend 100%. You'll end up with a curved type.

Next, Duplicate the type layer and rotate the new layer 180 degrees - Edit->Transform->Rotate 180. Move the second layer so you have a decent circle like this:

For the outer ring, First create a new layer. Check to make sure your feather selection is at 0px, and draw a circle outside the text with the Ellitical Marquee tool.

Nudge the selection to make sure its centered, and apply a border by using 5px black stroke - Edit->Stroke->5px.

Draw another circle around the inside of the text using the same procedure, the result should look like:

(I used a thinner stroke for the inside circle, it's up to you).

Now for the main logo. Create a new layer, and either add a graphic or create some Type. This example uses the Arial-Black black font, at around 72pt. At this point you're pretty much ready to go.

To add the broken "chop" effect, we just need to add some texture. Create a new layer (make sure it's the top layer), and add some clouds by selecting Filter->Render->Clouds. Then add some noise by selecting Filter->Noise->Add Noise.

Finally, select the new noise layer, and change the blending mode to "screen". This will give our passport chop some texture. That's it!

For the final example, I made a merged copy and rotated.( select all, Edit->Copy Merged, Edit->Paste, Edit->Transform->Rotate )