Disabling JSP compilation

Disablement of run time compilation of JavaServer Pages is set via the disableJspRuntimeCompilation JSP engine parameter:

In (ibm-web-ext.xmi)
<jspAttributes xmi:id="JSPAttribute_1" name="disableJspRuntimeCompilation" value="true"/>

If the disableJspRuntimeCompilation parameter is set to true, the JSP engine at run time does not translate and compile JSP files; the JSP engine loads only precompiled class files. JSP source files do not need to be present in order for the class files to be loaded. With this option set to true, an application can be installed without JSP source, but must have precompiled class files. There is a Web container custom property of the same name that can be used to determine the behavior of all web modules installed in a server. If both the Web container custom property and the JSP engine option are set, the JSP engine option takes precedence. Setting the disableJspRuntimeCompilation parameter to true automatically sets reloadEnabled to false.