Rational Application Developer v7.0 (RAD7) with WebSphere Portal 6.0 install guide

  • GuideLines are as follows :
    1. From X:\Software\RAD7\Part1\disk1 run launchpad.exe file to start the installation.
    2. The IBM Software Development Platform window will appear. Click the Install IBM® Rational® Application Developer V7.0 link.
    3. The Welcome to InstallShield Wizard for IBM Installation Manager appears. Click Next.
    4. Accept the terms in the licence agreement. Click Next.
    5. Leave the default as destination folder. Click Next.
    6. Click the Install button to start the installation Manager.
    7. When the InstallShield Wizard has done press Finish.
    8. The Install Packages window will appears. Select IBM Rational Application Developer if it is not checked. Click Next.
    9. Accept the terms in the licence agreements and Click Next.
    10. Leave the default directory for Shared Resources Directory and Click Next.
    11. Change the installation Directory for IBM Software Development Platform to C:\RAD7
    Note. If you leave the default directory can cause errors in the Labs because the path is too long.
    12. Click Next.
    13. Leave unchecked the check box for extend an existing Eclipse and Click Next.
    14. In the Languages screen just Click Next.
    15. In the features to install window do the following changes and Click Next:
    • Check Struts Tools inside Web Development Tools.
    • Uncheck Crystal Reports tools inside Web Development Tools.
    • Scroll down and check Portal Tools. (Make sure you select this option)
    16. At the summary page review the information, and make sure that Struts tools and Portal tools are selected:
    17. Click Install. Wait patiently while the program is installed.
    18. When you receive the Success message select None in the right panel and click Finish.
    19. Go back to the first Launchpad window.
    20. Under Install Optional Products, click WebSphere Portal v6.0 test environment.
    21. Change the location of the disk to X:\Software\RAD7\Part2_PortalServer\WP6. (Ignore the path shown in the screen shot).
    22. Click OK. The WebSphere Portal 6 Installer will start. Be patient while the installer launches.
    Eventually, the language selection window will appear.
    23. Click OK.
    24. Click Next.
    25. Check I accept both the IBM and the non-IBM terms and click Next.
    26. In the Installation type page, click Next.
    27. Change the Install Location to C:\RAD7\WebSphere\Appserver
    28. Click Next.
    29. Accept the defaults and click Next.
    30. You will be prompted for a User ID and a password (and a password confirmation). Enter wasadmin for all three.
    31. Click Next.
    32. Make sure Yes is selected and click Next.
    33. Accept the default WebSphere Portal installation directory and click Next.
    34. You will be prompted for a User ID and a password (and a password confirmation). Enter wpsadmin for all three. (Notice this should be wpsadmin, not wasadmin)
    35. Click Next.
    36. Do not check anything and click Next.
    37. The Summary screen will be presented. Click Next to begin the install.
    Note that this may take between 1 and 4 hours depending on the performance of your computer. Be patient.
    Eventually, the install will complete.
    38. Click Finish.
    The WebSphere Portal 6 Launcher will appear.
    39. Close the WebSphere Portal v6 Launcher window.
    40. Open a browser and browse to http://localhost:10038/wps/portal
    41. The Portal sign-on page should appear. If it does, the install of Portal was successful and the Portal server is currently running.
    42. Close the browser window. Also close the IBM Rational Application Developer 7.0 launchpad window.
    43. We need to stop the Portal server. From the Start menu, select Programs > IBM WebSphere > Portal Server v6.0 > Stop the Server
    44. A command prompt window will appear. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter wasadmin for the username and password. Wait a few moments and the server will eventually stop.
    45. Click OK if a Problem Error dialog appears.
    46. Press any key in the command prompt window to dismiss it.
    47. Start RAD 7. To do this, from the Start menu select Programs > IBM Software Development Platform > IBM Rational Application Developer > IBM Rational Application Developer.
    48. In the workspace window change to C:\workspace and press OK.
    49. Close the Welcome screen.
    50. Click the Servers tab at the bottom panel and wait to see the WebSphere Application Server v6.1 there.
    51. Right click on beneath WebSphere Application Server v6.1 and select Delete.
    52. Click OK to accept the deletion.
    53. Close RAD7 by selecting the menu File -> Exit. Confirm the closing of RAD if asks.
    54. Restart the computer.
    55. Start RAD 7 again by selecting from the Start menu, Programs > IBM Software Development Platform > IBM Rational Application Developer > IBM Rational Application Developer.
    56. Click OK to accept the workspace that should be C:\workspace.
    57. Select the Servers view.
    58. Right click on beneath the white area of the Servers view and select New > Server. The New Server window will appear.
    59. Select WebSphere Portal v6.0 Server and click Next.
    60. In the Password field, enter wasadmin and click Next.
    61. Enter wpsadmin for both Password fields. (Entering it in one should automatically enter it in the other. Notice this should be wpsadmin, not wasadmin).
    62. Click Finish.
    63. In the Servers window, the newly created Portal server should be listed.
    64. To start the Portal Server right click WebSphere Portal Server v6.0 server @ localhost and select Start.
    The Console view will show some messages meanwhile the Server is starting. This will take a long time depends on the memory and the processor of the computer.
    Trouble shooting: If a publishing error appears meanwhile the Portal Servers is starting, close all the programs then reboot the computer and try again. This time the Portal server should be Started.
    65. Please make sure that the status of the server goes in to "Started" state.
    66. To stop the server right click on the server and select Stop. The server will change the status to Stopped.
    67. From the menu select File -> Exit to close Rational Application Developer.
    68. Close all.

    Apply RAD license:

     Go to IBM Installation Manager.
     Manage Licenses.
     Select ‘Import product Activation kit’ option.
     Select the path of the license key. (X:\Software\RAD7\Part2_PortalServer\RAD-License\RADlic.jar)