HSBC Global Technology (GLT) Interview 2009

Hi Friends,

Today i went for HSBC Global Technology (GLT) at

Hotel The Mirador,

Opp. Solitaire Park,

New Link Road,

Chakala, Andheri East,


Opening was for Websphere Portal and J2EE along with Struts/Jsf framework

When i entered the conference room of the hotel, i already saw people stared filling up their answer sheets. I was stunned a bit. As i was all started before time.

I went in and the instructor told us

" there are in all 3 Papers "

1 JSF -15 questions (15 min)

2 Spring -15 questions (15 min)

3 Websphere -10 questions (10 min)

Thus in all 40 questions (40min)

1) JSF paper. It was not all that easy you really need to know the basic in and out about all the Portlet Bridge Library and API

of the same.

2) Spring - cant comment on this as i don’t know much about Spring. never had worked on Springs. The paper was full of programs,

around 12 programs and i was helpless but to bluff in all of them. Some logic was applied no wonder.

3) Websphere - Question were Administrative types e.g. command to close all the Servers on a node etc. It was not all that easy .

You should be Administrative expert to answer them all.

Just after the exam within 20 odd min i was the first person to be called for an interview. It was a Technical interview but the

interviewer just asked me about my educational background as well as current project. He also asked me few questions based on the Resume. At the end he gave me my marks. I cleared JSF and Websphere papers, 12mks and 7mks respectively, but failed to clear the Spring paper. 1 mark short from the cutoff. the cutoff was 7 :) i told the interviewer that i never worked on Spring Technology.

After the interview, the concern staff told me that i have cleared preliminary rounds and a Telephonic Technical Interview.

I waited for almost 30 min. The telephonic interviewer also asked me about my prev proj and the technologies familiar with.

All the questions asked by him were pretty simple.

"Diff between WPS6.0 and 6.1"

"How to communicate between Portlets"

"Do you know wiring, Explain in detail"

"Few java related questions too.

I answered all of them with confidence

I cleared the Telephonic Interview and was waiting for the HR Interview.

The concerned staff told me that The Proj manager wants to talk with you in few moments.

This was also a Telephonic Interview, PM asked me about My project and WPS versions i worked on and what is the differences in those. He also asked me about difficulties faced during working with Portal Server and JSF.

It was a pleasant interview. The PM asked me to wait till the HR interview.

The HR called me within 10 min and he just asked me few HR types questions...

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why do you wanan change?

3. Will you reallocate from Mumbai to Pune?

4. Last but not least Your Expected CTC :)

After all this, he told me that HR will consolidate its work by Monday and mail me with the Salary Breakup Structure through mail. And if that is acceptable they will fwd the talks ....

I am waiting for the same...

Hope the package is as per my expectations :)

Will update you later