Reduce the startup time of an application server

Application server settings
Servers > Application servers > {server1}

select the Run in development mode .. restart server...
Enabling this option may reduce the startup time of an application server. This may include JVM settings such as disabling bytecode verification and reducing JIT compilation costs. Do not enable this setting on production servers.

Specifies that you want to use the JVM properties -Xverify and -Xquickstart on startup. Before selecting this option, add the -Xverify and -Xquickstart properties as generic arguments to the JVM configuration.

If you select this option, you must save the configuration and restart the server before this configuration change takes effect.

The default setting for this option is false, which indicates that the server will not be started in development mode. Setting this option to true specifies that the server will be started in development mode (with settings that will speed server startup time).

Data type Boolean
Default false