WPS error 134221464 (0×8000E98)

The IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 - WebspherePortal service terminated with service-specific error 134221464 (0×8000E98).

This is a problem where the service fails to start up, and the failure occurs real quickly. Essentially, the WebSphere Portal java process is not even kicked off and you do not find any logging in profiles\${profile_name}\logs\WebSphere_Portal\startServer.log for the WebSphere Portal server. I have encountered this a few times, and usually for me, the issue has been related to an ungraceful shutdown of WebSphere Portal. I have restarted my Portal VMWare VM unexpectedly and the WebSphere_Portal.pid file is left in the profiles\${profile_name}\logs\WebSphere_Portal. The resolution for this issue is to simply delete the pid file and to restart the service.