Who Logged in Websphere Portal using LDAP

HOW to CHECK who Logged In Websphere Portal(Accessing LDAP USINF WSAD 5.1.1

the registration is on portal and saves it in LDAP. the user will Log in websphere portal . is there any way that the I access the information of the user. I need it to check if he/she has a privillage to change or delete . when they update or delete I still need to save which user Delete or modified it. It Is like a Log file.


this has to be done via the puma API
Sample code >>
please sort out the bit relevant to u :)

public boolean hasAccess(PortletRequest request, String groupsAllowedAccessCSVString)
boolean result = false;
logger.debug("ENTRY", request);
logger.info("Checking access rights..", request);
logger.debug("groupsAllowedAccessCSVString :"+groupsAllowedAccessCSVString, request);

logger.debug("Getting user LDAP groups from PUMA API", request);
com.ibm.portal.puma.User usr = (com.ibm.portal.puma.User) request.getUser();

List groupsUserIsInList = usr.getNestedGroups();
logger.debug("LDAP groups the user is in :", request);

java.util.Iterator j = groupsUserIsInList.iterator();
Group grp = (Group) j.next();
logger.info(grp.getName(), request);